Chatter in the head and Sea

One day when she had a lot of noise within her – she managed to sit near a sea shore and that day the sea was very rough.

Hearing the noise the waves made, the mind started portraying that hers was still calmer.

Even though it was rough, there was something calm for her to listen to that.

Yesterday night she went there to only hope she hears the same noise as her mind was making too much noise.

She gets there and sits there for a while only to realise that the sea was very calm. She tries to hear some noise but everytime she concentrated her noise became louder.

Finally to the noise within her she said let it go – if the sea can be calmer why cant you!

She took some deep breaths, cold air on her face and tears running down her eyes. She wanted to scream but there were people around!

She sat in her car, and closed all her windows and slowly tried to make the effort to scream. Taking her anger out on why she couldn’t hear the sea.

The tears were a little more as she did that. She was empty she realised. She couldn’t hate the sea because it wasn’t making the noise she wanted to hear, she couldn’t love it either.

But there was a little calmness. She walked out from her car again, sat on a bench near by just watching the lights far away somewhere and she could slowly hear the sea , not as rough but she could.

She wondered if the sea was responding to her scream.

Both were angry it seems .

She took some deep breaths again and said the Chatter in my head won today than you Sea.

She heard the sea a little more as she walked to her car – and it said next time Lets see My chatter or yours.